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  • How we use information ⇒ different types of accounts (personal account and business account)

    • On the Norchemist website, you can create two different types of accounts. The first one is a personal account which only requires a username, your email, and a chosen password. The second account, however, is a business account which requires the name and address of your business and a business email. Upon filling out a business account application on the Norchemist website, you shall wait for a confirmation from us, implying that your business account has been verified. Customers with a personal account will have access to most of the products on the website yet having a business account will give you full access to all Norchemist products.

  • Passive data collection

    • When you enter the Norchemist website, some data such as your IP address and domain name will be recorded. This is only to improve the quality of your experience on the website and will in no way be used for any other purposes.

  • Cookie and performance cookies

    • Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network. Cookies are especially beneficial because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device.

    • Norchemist collects cookies on its website and only uses them for internal purposes and to improve the quality of the website. Should you decide to opt out of cookies, Norchemist will allow that and you can still access our products and services on the website. However, a full access to the website might require some necessary and essential cookies.

  • Analytics tools

    • The Norchemist website uses analytics tools to further learn about different demographics and our customers. These analytics tools collect different types of data such as IP addresses and cookies. It is critical to note that this information will only be used to make further improvements on the website and collect general demographic data.

  • Javascript

    • Javascript is a logic-based programming language that can be used to modify website content and make it behave in different ways in response to a user’s actions. The Norchemist website uses Javascript to offer a better and more personalized online shopping experience to its customers. Should you choose not to enable Javascript, you can disable it using your browser settings.

  • Communication and personal information – sending emails and newsletters

    • As mentioned earlier, when you create a Norchemist account, you will be asked to provide some personal information including your full name, phone number, and email. This information will be used by our sales and customer service teams to contact customers and ensure a smooth online shopping experience with Norchemist.

    • Additionally, by subscribing to the Norchemist newsletter, you will receive emails and special offers from us. Should you choose to unsubscribe, that option is always available and all you need to do is choose the unsubscribe option in one of our emails.

  • Service providers

    • It is important to note that maintaining confidentiality will always be one of our top priorities at Norchemist. In the case of third parties asking for personal information, for example for shipping and tracking purposes, we will ensure that utmost confidentiality is maintained. 

  • Legal requirements

    • In the event that legal obligations arise, Norchemist is responsible for disclosing personal information that might help the legal process. Furthermore, disclosure of personal information is possible if our rights are threatened by fraudulent activities or unlawful uses of the website.

  • Change of ownership

    • If a change of ownership occurs at Norchemist, which includes but is not limited to mergers and acquisitions, personal information will be transferred to a third party. However, Norchemist will ensure that each and every user is notified of such an update before the transfer occurs.

  • Children under 18

    • In order to make a purchase on the Norchemist website, we require every user to be of at least 18 years of age.

  • Submitting and editing personal information

    • As mentioned earlier, submission of some personal information such as full name, phone number, email address and in the case of business accounts, business name and business email address are compulsory if a user is looking to create an account. 

    • If you choose to edit or update your personal information on the Norchemist website, you may do so at any time. You can also call us and the customer support team will happily assist you with such changes.

  • Security

    • The Norchemist website is committed to providing each customer with an extremely secure online shopping experience. We have a firm security system that will allow us to prevent potential misuses of personal information.

  • Data integrity and data retention

    • Maintaining data integrity is very vital to the Norchemist team and we only use your personal data for the purposes mentioned above and throughout the privacy policy.

  • Access to personal information

    • Each Norchemist user only has access to their own personal or business account and it is not possible in any way to view the personal information of other website users.

  • Changes and updates to this policy

    • It is possible that these terms and conditions are changed by the Norchemist team from time to time. It is recommended that all users check the privacy policy section of our website to catch up with any potential updates. In the event that we make changes to how personal information is processed, we will notify the users beforehand.

  • Enforcement

    • Here at Norchemist, we try our best to adhere to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, the Norchemist team is always ready to assist you.