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Vacuum Distillation Organic Glassware Kit

Vacuum distillation is distillation performed under reduced pressure, which allows the purification of compounds not readily distilled at ambient pressures or simply to save time or energy. This technique separates compounds based on differences in their boiling points. This technique is used when the boiling point of the desired compound is difficult to achieve or will cause the compound to decompose. Reduced pressures decrease the boiling point of compounds. This laboratory glassware set makes an excellent organic chemistry vacuum distillation kit. Beginners and expert scientists alike will save time and money with this simple vacuum distillation set!

This high quality kit includes a 500 ml  borosilicate glass round bottom boiling flask(24/40), a 1000 ml borosilicate glass round bottom boiling flask(24/40), a 300 mm Graham condenser(24/40), a thermometer adapter(24/40), a distillation 3-way adapter(24/40), a vacuum take-off adapter(24/40), a plastic stopper(24/29) and five plastic plug joint clips.



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